Welcome to The Marimba Workshop

The MARIMBA is one of those truly African instruments which is easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Children from as young as five and six can play.

The MARIMBA provides the perfect accompaniment to dancing and singing as well as being a marvellous solo instrument. Together with a variety of percussion instruments the MARIMBA BAND can play anything from traditional African, township jazz, pop, classical music and everything in-between!

The beauty of this instrument is that NO previous music knowledge is necessary and within a short space of time groups of learners are playing together like seasoned musicians. The instrument sells itself! Every learner exposed to the instrument wants to play, wants to learn! What a joy for any educator and every performer!


We are pleased to announce the launch our official Marimba Workshop YouTube Page. We will be uploading important Marimba Workshop tutorials as well as some Marimba performances we think are uplifting and inspirational.

Please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with all of our new video content. If you have any videos you would like published on our YouTube page please get in touch!

Marimba Workshops